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About The Artist

Peter Brown

I have always needed a vehicle for my creativity. For 30 years, I funneled that creativity towards the airwaves of radio and television. As both a local and national sports radio host, I entertained, argued and interviewed some of the top names in the sports world including two Presidents.

In 2009 after dabbling in arts like woodworking, scarf painting and photography, fused glass came calling.

At an art show showcasing my wood cutting boards, I was placed next to a fused glass artist. The colors and ability to make functional pieces fascinated me and knew I had to try it.

As is the case in the 2000's, I scoured the internet for information and I gave it a try. I am a self taught artist for sure. I work by trial and error which constantly provides wonder every time I open the kiln lid.

I hope you enjoy the pieces provided here and will add more as the wonder continues!

cyan and spring green.jpg
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